Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Computer Graphics - AS09 - Schedule


Topic Lecturerer
18.09.2009Opening lecture, overviewW. JaroszAdministrative & C++ recap
25.09.2009Introduction to raytracing, ray surface intersection, recursive raytracing, shading modelsW. Jarosz01 Raycasting
02.10.2009Acceleration data structuresW. JaroszQ&A
09.10.2009Sampling and reconstructionW. Jarosz02 Raytracing
16.10.2009Textures, Monte Carlo IntegrationW. JaroszQ&A
23.10.2009The rendering equationW. Jarosz03 KD-tree
30.10.2009Path TracingW. JaroszQ&A
06.11.2009Introduction to surface representations, Bezier curvesA. Hornung04 Textures and Supersampling
13.11.2009B-Spline curves, Tensorproduct surfacesA. HornungMidterm
20.11.2009(no lecture)Q&A
27.11.2009NURBSA. Hornung05 Bezier
04.12.2009Introduction to character animation, rigging, kinematicsA. HornungQ&A
11.12.2009Keyframe animation, motion capture, Final LectureA. Hornunginvited guest,
access to midterms
18.12.2009Rendering ContestM. Eigensatz, M. Germann(no exercise class)