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Computer Graphics - AS09 - Homework

Assignments Assignments

Please use duplex and B&W printing.
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Handout Due Topic
18.09.2009 - Administrative & C++ recap [slides]
25.09.2009 08.10.2009 Raycasting
Files: Slides, Framework, Html Template, How your images should look like (without watermark)
09.10.2009 22.10.2009 Raytracing
Files: Slides, Additional Scenes
23.10.2009 05.11.2009 kd-Tree
Files: Slides, Additional Scenes (UPDATED!)
06.11.2009 26.11.2009 Textures and Supersampling
Files: Slides, Additional Scenes, How your images should look like (without watermark)
27.11.2009 10.12.2009 Bezier Techniques
Files: Slides, Additional Scenes
- 16.12.2009
Rendering Contest