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Surface Representations and Geometric Modeling - SS11 - Course Notes

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The course notes will be made available on this page. They are only accessible from ETH IP range.

Important: These slides were generated as course documentation only. They contain images with unknown copyright. Therefore, the slides are provided exclusively for students attending the course to study the course material. Please do neither copy nor distribute these documents.

  1. Introduction [PDF]

  2. Mesh Data Structures [PDF]

  3. Differential Geometry [PDF]

  4. Surface Reconstruction [PDF]

  5. Remeshing [PDF]

  6. Decimation [PDF]

  7. Progressive Meshes [PDF]

  8. Parameterization I [PDF]

  9. Parameterization II [PDF]

  10. Fairing & Signal Processing [PDF]

  11. Point Based Representations [PDF]

  12. Mesh Editing [PDF]

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  • Lecture Notes on Differential Geometry (in German) - This document can be used as additional materials with permission of Prof. Dr. E. Leuzinger, Universität Karlsruhe (TH). The copyrights remain the property of the author and the Universität Karlsruhe (TH). You may not distribute any version of the work.

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