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Surface Representations and Geometric Modeling - SS11 - Project

Final project

The final project of the geometric modeling course is 30% of your final grade and you have the liberty to chose a topic that is both relevant for the course material and your own research interest. We also posted a list of possible topics. You may do the project individually or in teams.

It is important to set appropriate and realistic goals for your the project. Often students embark in very ambitious projects and cannot complete the tasks, resulting in a low grade. Therefore, we ask you to send us a one page proposal outlining your project including a set of clear goals. We will send you feedback to make sure that the goals are appropriate for the time-frame of the project. We do not have a formal deadline for this, but please do it as soon as possible so we have enough time to send you back feedback.

While working on your project, please do not hesitate to see your instructors and TAs if you have questions or require clarifications or guidance with your projects. We are very happy to help you make an awesome project.


For the final project every team has to submit together the source code of the project and a (3-4 pages) final report. In addition each team has to give a demo scheduled on an individual basis.

The source code has to compile "out of the box" on a standard ETH maintained Windows or Linux machine. We can accommodate standard dependencies (e.g. libraries that can be installed effortlessly). The code should be of good quality and well documented. It should include a readme file outlining the compilation steps, how to run it as well as the data that you used to run your program. The report should describe the method that you use and an analysis of your results. It should also describe your goals and how and if you did complete them.


June 24th. In exceptional cases we can be flexible about the deadline and allow more time.

Project Project

The files for the project proposals will be made available on this page. They are only accessible from ETH IP range.

  1. Discrete Shells

  2. Poisson Surface Reconstruction

  3. Bilateral Smoothing for Depth Data

  4. Mesh Deformation

  5. Real-time Matting

  6. Procedural Noise Generation

  7. Point Set Surface Reconstruction

  8. Heat Kernel Based Matching

NOTE: These documents are project proposal suggestions. You will still need to submit a formal project proposal outlining the goal and objectives of the projects.