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Physically-based Simulation - AS15 - Course Notes


Important: These slides were generated as course documentation only. They contain images with unknown copyright. Therefore, the slides are provided exclusively for students attending the course to study the course material. Please do not distribute these documents.

Session Topic
September 16 Introduction [Slides]

Mass-Spring Systems: Part 1 [Slides]
Additional Material:
[A nice overview of Deformable Models in Computer Graphics, by Nealen et al. (2006)]
September 23 Mass-Spring Systems: Part 2 [Slides (Part 1)] - [Slides (Part 2)]
Additional Material:
[Simple oscillator (Maple script)]
September 30 Mass-Spring Systems: Part 3 [Slides (Part 1)] - [Slides (Part 2)]
Additional Material:
[Hauth's EG '01 paper]
[Baraff & Witkin: Large Steps in Cloth Simulation]
[Baraff's Siggraph '01 course notes: Constrained Dynamics]
[Baraff's Siggraph '01 course notes: Differential Equation Basics]
gmsh - a tetmesher (volume mesher). Ask the staff for example files if need
Triangle by Shewchuck - most popular 2D delaunay triangulator
October 7 Mass-Spring Systems: Part 3 (continued) [Slides]

Applied Partial Differential Equations [Slides (Part 1)] - [Slides (Part 2)]
Additional material: 2D & 3D meshers:
Graphite - a good 3D surfaces mesher
Stellar - another tetmesher
CGAL - professional 2D & 3D mesher (and many other geometrical algorithms), but hard to set up
October 14 Rigid Body Simulation [Slides]
Additional Material:
[Baraff's Siggraph '01 course notes: Rigid Body Simulation]
[Baraff's Siggraph course notes: 2nd tutorial (Nonpenetration Constraints)]
Chris Hecker: Rigid Body Dynamics
David Eberly: Game Physics
October 21 Fluid Simulation: Part 1 [Slides]
Additional Material:
[Bridson's Siggraph '07 course notes: Fluid Simulation]
October 28 Continuum Mechanics and FEM for 3D Deformable Solids [Slides]
November 4 Fluid Simulation: Part 2 [Slides]
Additional Material:
[Particle-Based Fluid Simulation for Interactive Applications, by Müller et al. (2003)]
[State of The Art Report: SPH Fluids in Computer Graphics, by Ihmsen et al. (2014)]
November 18 Collision Detection [Slides]
November 25 Elastically Deformable Thin Shells and Rods [Slides]
Additional Material:
December 2 Fluid Simulation: Part 3 [Slides]