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Physically-based Simulation - AS12 - Homework

Exercises Exercises

In the first part of the semester, there will be three graded exercises to different topics. Then, in the second part of the semester, a mandatory project should be realized where students program a small game or demo scene using techniques learnt in class.

  1. Exercise 1: Mass Points and Springs (Assigned: September 26, Due: October 10)
    [download framework zip file] [instructions]
  2. Exercise 2: PDEs (Assigned: October 10, Due: October 24)
    [download framework zip file] [instructions] [Revision Exercise]
  3. Exercise 3: Fluids (Assigned: October 26, Due: November 9)
    [download framework zip file] [instructions]
    [result gridsize 64]
    [result gridsize 200]

Selected course projects from PBS11:

Rigid Body Simulation & SPH (competition winner)

Marco Zimmerman, Philipp Brüschweiler

December Tree

Härdi Simon, Felder Alessandro, Eugster Dominik

Beer Simulation

Max Forbes, Chris Dentel

Marble Run

Romain Prevost, Werner Randelshofer, Shuk Yee Law

Boat on Water Simulation

Enrico Kravina, Fabio Rambone, Yaron Tausky