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Visualization - AS 17 - Schedule


Below you find the planned schedule of the lectures and exercises. The schedule will be updated in accordance to the actual course schedule throughout the semester. The information in this page is subject to change and should not be construed as a commitment.

  • Theory Discussion: we will discuss and solve the theoretical exercises.
  • Programming Discussion: we will discuss and solve programming exercises.
Lecture Topic Lecturer Exercise
25.09.2017Introduction, Perception, Basic TechniquesDr. Tobias GüntherEx0 - Prog0
02.10.2017Data Structures and Data AcquisitionDr. Vinicius da Costa de Azevedo-
09.10.2017Scalar and Vector FieldsDr. Tobias GüntherEx1 - Prog1
16.10.2017Surface VisualizationDr. Tobias GüntherEx2
23.10.2017Direct Volume RenderingDr. Tobias GüntherEx3
30.10.2017Elementary Methods
Geometry-based Methods I
Dr. Tobias GüntherEx4 - Prog2
06.11.2017Geometry-based Methods IIDr. Tobias GüntherEx5
13.11.2017Topology-based Methods IDr. Tobias GüntherEx6 - Prog3
20.11.2017Topology-based Methods II
Image-based Methods
Dr. Tobias GüntherEx7
27.11.2017Feature-based MethodsDr. Tobias GüntherEx8 - Prog4
04.12.2017Information Visualzation IDr. Tobias GüntherEx9
11.12.2017Information Visualzation IIDr. Tobias GüntherEx10 - Prog5
18.12.2017Research Outlook, Thesis Topics, Q&ADr. Tobias Günther-