Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Visualization - AS 17 - Homework


The exercises will be published on this page, about one or two weeks before the due dates.

All programming exercises are based on the Visualization Tool Kit (VTK). See Prog0 for install instructions.

The usage of Computer Algebra Systems such as Maxima is encouraged to solve the theoretical exercises.

Date Topic
25.09.2017 Ex0: Introduction to Maxima (common commands),
Prog0: Introduction to VTK (
09.10.2017 Ex1: Eigenvalues,
Prog1: Mesh Rendering in VTK (
16.10.2017 Ex2: Scalar Fields, Morse-Smale, Critical Points in 2D,
23.10.2017 Ex3: Laplace, Divergence, Curl,
30.10.2017 Ex4: Nable operator,
Prog2: Marching Cubes (
06.11.2017 Ex5: Stream Lines, Numerical Integration,
13.11.2017 Ex6: Poincare Index, Integral Curves in Unsteady Flow,
Prog3: Numerical Integration (
20.11.2017 Ex7: Tangent Curves in Unsteady Flow, Ridge Lines and Critical Points in 3D,
27.11.2017 Ex8: Closed-form Stream Lines and Exponential Separation,
Prog4: Line Integral Convolution (
04.12.2017 Ex9: Topological Skeleton,
11.12.2017 Ex10: Feature Flow Field and Vortices,
Prog5: Finite-Time Lyapunov Exponent (