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Visual Computing - AS12 - Homework

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Exercise Locations

The following locations are reserved for the exercise lessons.

The exercise lessons will start in the second week!

Room: Day: Time:
CLA E 4 Tuesday 14.15-17.00
CAB G 11 Wednesday 08.15-11.00


Part 1 (Marc Pollefeys)

  • Andrea Cohen,
  • Aparna Taneja,

Part 2 (Markus Gross)

  • Claudia Kuster,
  • Mélina Skouras,
  • Cengiz Öztireli,

Exercise Groups


  • Participation
    At least 75% of the exercises.
  • Group work
    Homework can be handed in by groups of two students.
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Please use duplex and B&W printing.
Download is restricted to computers within the ETH Network (IP = 129.132.*, 195.176.*, 10.5.*, 10.6.*)

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In these forum students can exchange comments about the lecture.
Questions can be posted, and students can provide answers.
Bug reports are also welcome.

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