Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Visual Computing - AS11 - Schedule


Topic Lecturer
Sept. 20/22Introduction - Digital images and sensorsM. Pollefeys(none)
Sept. 27/29Image segmentation and morphologyM. PollefeysEx 1: Background Subtraction
Oct. 4/6Convolution and image featuresM. PollefeysEx 2: Edge Detection
Oct. 11/13Fourier transform and filteringM. PollefeysEx 3: Fourier Transform
Oct. 18/20Unitary transformations and image compressionM. PollefeysEx 4: PCA
Oct. 25/27Optical flow and video compressionM. PollefeysEx 5: Optical Flow
Nov. 1/3Radon transform and selected topicsM. Pollefeys(none, discussion of Ex 5)
Nov. 8/10Introduction - graphics pipeline, colorsM. GrossEx 6: OpenGL rendering
Nov. 15/17Colors, transformations, projectionsM. GrossEx 7: Shaders in OpenGL
Nov. 22/24Projections, camera modelsM. GrossEx 8: Theory: Light and colors
Nov. 29/Dec. 1Lighting and shading, texture mappingM. GrossEx 9: Matrices and quaternions
Dec. 6/8Anti-aliasing, scan conversionM. GrossEx 10: Advanced shaders
Dec. 13/15ClippingM. GrossEx 11: Multipass rendering
Dec. 20/22tbdM. Gross(none, discussion of Ex 11)