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Course Topics

This seminar covers advanced topics in scientific visualization and information visualization.


To be able to read a research paper in Visualization, to identify its strengths and weaknesses, and to present it in an understandable way.

Course Setup

A selection of mostly recent research papers and application studies is offered, covering topics such as direct volume rendering, flow visualization, feature extraction, interactive visual analysis, and the usage of GPUs for visualization. Papers from all categories relevant for visualization will be selected, namely from theory, algorithms and applications.

Each student presents one paper to the class and leads a discussion about the paper and related topics. All students read the papers and participate in the discussion.


The course "Scientific Visualization" (251-0564-00L) is recommended.

List of Papers

Topic A: Direct Volume Rendering

Topic B: Illustrative Visualization

Topic C: Unsteady Flow Visualization and Flow Topology

Number 252-5350-00S
Lecturers Ronald Peikert () Raphael Fuchs () Yun Jang ()
Assistant Benjamin Schindler ()
Location Seminar: IFW D42, Tuesday, 13-15
Credits 2 ETCS