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Multimedia Communications - AS14 - Schedule

Tentative Schedule

This shows the planned schedule of the lectures and exercies, and will be updated in accordance to the actual course schedule throughout the semester.
Due to travel some lectures will have to be cancelled, (e.g. 28.10, maybe 21.10, another week in November). The class hour on Wednesday will be used to compensate on a flexible basis as announced by email and in the lecture.
By default: Wednesday is FREE
Lecures on following Wednesdays:

Lecture Topic Exercise
23.09.2014Fundamentals of Information Theory & Entropy Coding
30.09.2014Fundamentals of Signal Processing & Coding I
07.10.2014Fundamentals of Signal Processing & Coding II
14.10.2014Fundamentals of Signal Processing & Coding III
21.10.2014No lecture
28.10.2014No lecture
04.11.2014Speech Processing & Coding
11.11.2014No lecture
18.11.2014Audio Processing & Coding
25.11.2014Image Processing & Coding
02.12.2014Video Processing & Coding
09.12.2014Video, Interactive Graphics, MPEG 4/7, 3D Video & Free Viewpoint Video
16.12.2014HDR, HFR, high res, visit Disney Research Zurich