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After a summary of fundamentals in signal processing and information theory, an introduction to processing and coding of different types of multimedia is given. This starts with speech (PCM, vocoder, CELP etc.), continues over audio (MP3, AAC etc.), still images (JPEG etc.), video (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC etc.), and interactive graphics (VRML, MPEG-4), to emerging and future multimedia content such as 3D video and free viewpoint video. Algorithms as well as human perception will be adressed.


- Fundamentals of information theory

- Fundamentals of signal processing and coding

- Speech processing and coding

- Audio processing and coding

- Still image processing and coding

- Video processing and Coding

- Interactive graphics representation, coding and streaming

- Emerging multimedia (3D video, free viewpoint video)


Understanding principles of multimedia communications and getting an illustrative overview of available and emerging technology.



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Number 252-5703-00L
Lecturer Dr.-Ing. Aljoscha Smolic (
Language English
Course Location IFW A 36, Tuesday 13-15
Exercise Location IFW A 36, Tuesday 15-16
Credits 4
German Title Multimediakommunikation