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Exercise Locations

The following locations are reserved for the exercise lessons. The registration is open, see below.

The exercise lessons will start in the second week!

Room: Day: Time:
Tuesday 14.15-16.00
Wednesday 13.15-15.00
Wednesday 15.15-17.00

First Assistant

  • Barbara Solenthaler,


  • Amit Bermano,
  • Changil Kim,
  • Christian Häne,
  • Christoph Zumbrunn,
  • David Glenck,
  • David Tschirky,
  • Endri Dibra,
  • Flavio Petrini,
  • Florian Thomas Andritsch,
  • Gim Hee Lee,
  • James Guthrie,
  • Jens Puwein,
  • Kaan Yücer,
  • Lorenz Meier,
  • Marco Zimmermann,
  • Olivier Saurer,
  • Pedro Wendel Garcia,
  • Philipp Wissmann,
  • Philippe Petit,
  • Robert Meier,
  • Romain Prévost,
  • Simone Frau,
  • Sonja Segmüller,
  • Thanh Binh Nguyen,
  • Tilmann Zäschke,

Exercise Groups

Exercises Registration | Exercises | Mini Project | Forum


The exercises will be made available online during the semester.
Download is restricted to computers within the ETH Network (IP = 129.132.*, 195.176.*, 10.5.*, 10.6.*)


Please check your Testat entry in myStudies.

Out of the 240 possible points, 130 points are required for obtaining the course attestation. The 240 points split up into 110 (= 11x10) points + 20 bonus points in homeworks and 110 points in the mini project.


The homeworks have to be handed in electronically until the submission deadline. They can be handed in by groups of two students.

Mini Project Registration | Exercises | Mini Project | Forum
In addition to the weekly exercises, there is a small programming project. Task of the mini project is to write the artifical intelligence for a player of a small game. The framework of the project will contain the game itself as well as a (stupid) sample bot. The students are required to extend the intelligence of this bot to get game scores as high as possible. The mini project is used to apply knowledge gained in the lectures and will be launched during the lecture on March 15, 2012. The project has to be completed until May 21, and adds up to 110 points to the attestation. Completing tutorial one will add 50 points, the second tutorial is worth 40 and the last one 20.

In addition to the mandatory part of the mini project there will be a contest. The best projects will be awarded in the lecture on May 31, 2012.


Always make sure that you download the correct version of a software package, depending on whether you work with VirtualBox or on a student machine!
Forum Registration | Exercises | Mini Project | Forum

There is a forum where students can exchange comments about the lecture. Questions can be posted, and students can provide answers. Bug reports are also welcome.

You can access the forum in Olat with your nethz login here: Forum Info1 D-MAVT 2012

If you have not worked with Olat before you need to set a user name on your first login. Go to Olat, select ETH Zurich in the pull-down menu, click on login, enter your nethz login and password, accept the message "Browser Website Certified...", and type your Olat user name. The user name cannot be altered afterwards. The Olat Manual can be found here: Olat Manual.