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Surface Representations and Geometric Modeling - SS10 - Homework

Exercises Exercises

The files for the exercises will be made available on this page. They are only accessible from ETH IP range.

  1. Getting Started with OpenMesh (Submission deadline: 12.03.2010, Midnight)
    [Slides] [Code] [Bunny] [Sample Software]

  2. Mesh data structures II

  3. Implicit Surface Reconstruction (Submission deadline: 26.03.2010, Midnight)
    [Slides] [Code] [Models] [Sample Softwares]

  4. Surface Registration

  5. Surface Quality and Smoothing (Submission deadline: 16.04.2010, Midnight)
    [Slides] [Code] [Models] [Sample Software]

  6. Mesh Decimation (Submission deadline: 30.04.2010, Midnight)
    [Slides] [Code] [Cow] [Sample Software]

  7. Mesh Cutting & Conformal Maps

  8. Mesh Parameterization (Submission deadline: 14.05.2010, Midnight)
    [Slides] [Code] [Models] [Sample Software]

  9. Remeshing (Submission deadline: 28.05.2010, Midnight)
    [Slides][Code] [Model] [Sample Software]

  10. Valence-based connectivity decoder (Submission deadline: 11.06.2010, Midnight)
    [Slides][Code] [Model] [Sample Software]