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Game Programming Laboratory - SS13 - Schedule

Schedule Schedule | Assignments | Presentations & Demos

Each of the lectures will usually consist of the following three parts: a lecture on a general topic, information about the project structure, and a practical exercise part. In addition, meetings of the game teams with the supervisor to discuss the progress of the projects are held.

This presents a preliminary schedule and will be updated during the course of the lecture.

19.02.13 Introduction, Conceptualization, Project structure, Soft skills
Form groups
26.02.13 Elements of a game (formal, dramatic, technical)
05.03.13 Student presentations - Pitch of the game idea
Exercise Block I - Introduction to XNA and XBox deployment
12.03.13 History of games field trip to Outlane - we meet on time in the lecture room!
19.03.13 Gobo Games visit (to be confirmed)
Student presentations - Formal game proposal and physical prototype
26.03.13 Exercise Block II - Asset creation and usage
02.04.13 No class - easter holidays
08.04.13 Guest lecture
09.04.13 No class - please attend guest lecture on Monday!
16.04.13 Student presentations - Interim demos
23.04.13 AI, Sound, Controls
30.04.13 Playtesting
07.05.13 Student presentations - Alpha release demos
14.05.13 Student presentations - Playtest results
21.05.13 Functionality, Completeness, Balance
28.05.13 Final public presentations

Assignments Schedule | Assignments | Presentations & Demos

The following assingnments will be given in class, and have to be completed by the shown dates. Most of them involve adding a chapter on a specific topic to the game project document.

Due date
Monday, March 4, 17:00 Rough draft of the project proposal added to game notebook
Monday, March 11, 17:00 Formal project proposal (final draft) chapter added to game notebook
Monday, March 18, 17:00 Prototype chapter added to game notebook
Monday, April 15, 17:00 Interim report chapter added to game notebook
Monday, May 6, 17:00 Alpha release chapter added to game notebook
Monday, May 13, 17:00 Playtest chapter added to game notebook
Monday, May 27, 17:00 Conclusion chapter added to game notebook
Demo Video

Presentations & Demos Schedule | Assignments | Presentations & Demos

At the following dates presentations or demos will be given by the students during the class.

Tuesday, March 5 Pitch of the game idea
Tuesday, March 19 Formal game proposal and prototypes
Tuesday, April 16 Interim demos
Tuesday, May 7 Alpha release demos
Tuesday, May 14 Playtest presentation
Tuesday, May 28 Final public presentation