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Informatik I - D-ITET

Teaching Content:

The course covers the fundamental concepts of computer programming and gives a short overview of object oriented program design. Specific topics include: computers, programming languages and compilers, data types, type conversion, expressions, language constructs, arrays, pointers, references, functions, scope and lifetime, modular programming, generic programming, files, classes, inheritance, polymorphism.


The course gives an introduction to computer programming and teaches the student how to use a programming language. We will use C/C++.




  • Attestation
    Out of the 220 possible points, 130 points are required for obtaining the course attestation. The 220 points split up into 110 ( = 11x10) points in homeworks and 110 points in the mini project.
  • Homework
    The homeworks can be handed in by groups of two students.


  • The first intermediate diploma examination includes a written exam about information science I (winter semester) and II (summer semester). There will be no resources allowed.




Lecturer: Prof. Markus Gross IFW D 28.1 Tel. 2 71 14
First Assistant: Stephan Würmlin IFW C 25.1 Tel. 2 60 86